Take part in the international competition for an illustrated children's book project CLAIRVOYANTS!

Each book is a unique world. We are committed to ensuring that the worlds children encounter in books are the best they can be: beautiful, intriguing, and worthy of discovery in every way. We believe in seeking out these worlds and supporting the creators who have the vision and skill to bring them to life. Therefore, once again we invite authors, illustrators, graphic designers and all book lovers from Poland and abroad to participate in the international competition for an illustrated children's book project Clairvoyants!

This is already the fifth edition of the contest. Over 2,600 entries from all over the world were submitted to the four previous editions! More and more books based on the awarded projects can be already found on bookshelves and we have been working with other Clairvoyant participants on the new, upcoming books.

After each edition of the CLAIRVOYANTS, the most captivating entries are compiled to create a post-competition exhibition. Exhibitions from three previous editions have been travelling all over Poland and were exhibited in many schools, libraries and cultural institutions.

The competition aims to inspire the creation of new, valuable children's books and to provide talented designers, illustrators, and writers with opportunities to break into the publishing market. We encourage the development of thoughtful, well-crafted book projects for young readers and offer a real chance for these books to be published. Participants should demonstrate creativity, skilfulness, sensitivity and understanding of the children’s world. The competition is aimed primarily at book designers, students of art schools, illustrators and authors, but we invite everyone to try their hand!

What will the fifth edition of the CLAIRVOYANTS competition look like?

We invite debutants and experienced artists from Poland and abroad to participate in the competition, performing individually or as a team. Participants must be at least 18 years old.

The purpose of the competition is to prepare a project (draft) of an illustrated children’s book in Polish or in English language. Submission should include a storyboard or a script of the whole book, together with 3 finished double spreads and a summary in English (obligatory) and in Polish (only if the whole project is in Polish).

The fourth, pandemic edition of the competition was conducted entirely online and resulted in a record number of submissions – we received 1,063 projects from 76 countries. For the fifth edition, we have decided to continue with the digital format developed during that time. Once again, we will only accept competition entries in digital form.

Applications must be submitted by the October 15, 2024. To enter the competition you have to:

● fill-in the online application form available on the Competition website
● upload the digital files containing the competition project to the online application form or include in the form a direct link to the files, from which the files can be downloaded.

We will not accept applications sent by traditional mail. Competition works should only be submitted as digital files.

The application process is described in detail in the FAQ section on the website.

The submitted entries are assessed by two independent juries:

 The international jury: German illustrator and author of books and comics Anke Kuhl, Ukrainian graphic artist and author Andriy Lesiv (one half of the duo Art Studio Agrafka), and Polish graphic artists and book creators Aleksandra Cieślak and Tomasz Broda.

 The Dwie Siostry Publishing jury: Ewa Stiasny, Jadwiga Jędryas, Maciej Byliniak.

Submitted projects are assessed according to the following criteria: artistic quality, originality, the form which inspires child’s imagination and the content which is aware of the child’s sensitivity. 

Competitors may be awarded with three different prizes:

● The main prize of EUR 2,500 and two honourable mentions – by the international jury;
● Book publication – by the Dwie Siostry Publishing House jury;
● Admission in the post-competition exhibition.

The results of the competition will be announced on December 6, 2024, during the final event with the jurors and on the competition website.

If you are looking for an illustrator or author to create a competition project together, we invite you to the new Facebook group JASNOWIDZE, łączcie się! / CLAIRVOYANTS, get together!”. You may find your creative team partner there!

Competition Regulations (download the PDF file).

Online application form

Download the press-kit.

The fifth edition of the international competition for an illustrated children's book project CLAIRVOYANTS 2024 has received the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage of the Republic of Poland (Visual Arts Grant Program).

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