Jury sitting coming soon!

We are finally done with registration of the competition works! 

We have received 521 projects from 25 countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, United States of America. 

It has become very international and diverse! 

Jury sitting is taking place next week – very intense but hopefully inspiring time ahead! 

Submission of competition works has been closed!

Thank you for taking part in the competition!  
Now it is our turn to work hard - to prepare your projects to be reviewed by the jury.

Jury sitting will take place at the beginning of February 2015. 
We shall publish the competition results on the website on 28th February 2015.

International competition for an illustrated children's book project

Dwie Siostry Publishing is famous for the highest aesthetic and editorial quality of its books for children. Since the onset, we have been striving to set the highest standards in this area by publishing carefully selected titles of Polish and foreign authors. For some years now we have been witnessing with pride and satisfaction the development of Polish book illustration, which we've been also contributing  to and rooting for its international success.

Thanks to positive changes on the children’s book market, Polish books for children are becoming more and more present all over the world. In order to support this process and to stimulate a still unexplored potential of young authors, we decided to launch the first edition of the international competition for an illustrated children's book project - CLAIRVOYANTS 2014. We hope that it will give another positive boost to Polish (and not only to Polish) children’s books that they become even better.

The aim of the competition is to launch the process of creating beautiful and valuable books for children and to discover talented artists and give them chance to become known on the Polish and international book market.
The competition is open to both newcomers and experienced artists from Poland and abroad, participating individually or in a team. Participants need to be at least 18.
The purpose of the competition is to prepare a project (draft) of an illustrated children book in Polish or in English language. Submitted works should include a script or a storyboard of the whole book, together with 3 finished double spreads and the cover.
Submitted projects will be assessed according to the following criteria: artistic quality of the work, originality, the form which inspires child’s imagination and the content which takes into account child’s sensitivity.
Competition works will be assessed by two independent juries:
1. International jury chaired by Daniel Mizieliński.
2. The Dwie Siostry Publishing jury chaired by Ewa Stiasny.

Competitors may be awarded with 3 categories of prizes:
1. The main prize of EUR 2,500 and two honourable mentions – by the international jury;
2. Book publication – by the Dwie Siostry Publishing House jury;
3. Participation of best competing works in the post-competition exhibition.
Works should be submitted between 15 November and 15 December 2014 to the following address:
Dwie Siostry Publishing House
al. 3 Maja 2 m. 183
00-391 Warszawa
Competition results will be published on 28 February 2015 on this website.

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